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Sawstop Replacement Brake Cartridge for 8" Dado Blades

R 2,673.90
New stock expected: February 2021


  • Revolutionary SawStop protection
  • Compatible with all standard 8″ dado sets up to 13/16″ thick
  • Compatible with all woods and other non-conductive materials

For saw blades

Every SawStop saw comes with a standard brake cartridge, a key component of the blade-braking safety system. If the safety system of your saw is activated, the blade cartridge (and the blade) must be replaced. This replacement cartridge is compatible with all current SawStop saw models and is suitable for use with standard 10" blades.

For dado setup

When you exchange a standard saw blade with a dado set, SawStop's blade-braking safety system requires a similar exchange of the standard brake cartridge with one dedicated to dado blades. The dado brake cartridge is compatible with all current SawStop saw models and standard 8" stacked dado sets that adjust up to 13/16" wide. The wobble type of dado set is not recommended.

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