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Saw Tooth Forstner Hss Bit - 60mm 2 3/8"

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Sawtooth Forstner Bits

These Forstner Bits from the range of Planet Plus / Router woodworking tools selection are of a superior quality. The Forstner bit has a centre point for positioning; the scoring motion of the Forstner bits outer rim produces a clean, crisp entry and guides the bit accurately to the bottom of the hole. The shearing action of the Forstner bits inner cutting edges plane thin slices of wood directly upwards and out of the hole reducing burning and chatter. These Forstner bits are ideal for producing accurate cutting of blind, through and overlapping holes. And can be used to produce a clean cut on; MDF, hardwoods, softwoods, and melamine including end grain boring, and are resharpenable. 

These Forstner bit have a 3/8” shank and is 150mm long, which gives you the scope to bore deeper. The forstner bit is ideal for cutting accurate holes to take projects such as inserting clock faces into polished timber, making of salt & pepper mills, bird nest boxes for the garden and so on.