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Rubio Pre-Aging Fumed Light 100ml

R 229.00
SKU 148755

Rubio Pre-Aging - Non-reactive pre-treatment to give new wood an old look

  • A new floor with an old look
  • It is a floor trend that is currently very popular
  • In addition to actually smoking and fuming wood, there are many reactive products that will give the wood a smoked or aged look
  • Rubio Monocoat Pre-Aging is a high-quality, non-reactive pre-treatment, available in 10 standard shades
  • The colour spectrum ranges from a lighter to a darker smoked look, with colours that can be mixed with each other to the variant that suits you
  • This results in a deep colour with subtle accents

Unique Characteristics

  • Non-reactive water-based pre-treatment
  • Stable colour that is easy to reproduce
  • Excellent stain resistance after treatment with our oil
  • Deep colouring with subtle accents
  • Applicable to virtually all wood types
  • Neutral product
  • Does not affect the quality of the finishing coat
  • Minimal odour
  • Also colours the hard parts of the wood and the sapwood
  • No overlaps


  • Plastic bottle of 100ml and 1l
  • Plastic jerrycan of 5l and 25l


  • The product can be stored up to 12 months in dry conditions and in its original packaging
  • Keep in a well-ventilated place and keep away from frost 

NB: This product is a pre-treatment and does not protect the wood. It has to be combined with one of our Rubio Monocoat finishing products for maximum protection.