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Router Straight Bit 3/4" X 1 1/4" Cut 2 Flute, bottom cut KP115465 - Pro-tech

R 369.90
SKU KP115465
Double flute bottom cleaning straight bit

Carbide Tipped with bottom insert

A special-design straight router bit with a bottom cutter insert. Unlike common mortise bits, these bits feature a special overlapping centre carbide tip design which guarantees you a smooth and clean bottom cut every time. Ideal for cutting or cleaning out dadoes, cutting stair treads into risers, and putting stress relief on the back of mouldings. Great for making wood signs as well as removing paint or varnish.

This is a great bit for creating "stress relief" areas in backs of large and long trim mouldings like skirting. These bits are two flute, carbide tipped. 

Use a two-flute bit where fine finish is paramount. Two flutes balance the bit, eliminating vibration that degrades the cut finish.

Two cuts per revolution yield a smooth surface, but feed rate is slightly reduced.

This router bit has a 12.7mm shank (shaft) that will fit most large routers. Please ensure that you select a router bit with a shank (shaft) size that will fit into your router collet.


PRO-TECH router bits are manufactured in Taiwan.