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Router Beading Plunge Bit 5/16" x 3/8" ¼" Shank KP209011 - Pro-tech

R 229.90
SKU KP209011

Beading router bit

Carbide Tipped

This particular beading bit is a plunge version. Also referred to a plunge profile or plunge form bits. Designed to cut grooves with the edges of the groove displaying a particular profile, in this case a beading profile.

beading bit profile

Quarter-round profiles are formed by this bit as it grooves, one on each side of a flat. The scale and depth of the beading profile distinguishes it from the round-over above. Used with a fence or edge guide, this beading bit can be used as an edge former. Mainly used for decorative work. 

This router bit has a 6,35 mm shank (shaft) that will fit most small routers. Please ensure that you select a router bit with a shank (shaft) size that will fit into your router collet.