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Pony Clamp, Pipe Clamp Kit, The Original, for ¾" Pipe

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Pony Pipe Clamp Kits make economical, strong and instant-acting bar clamps.

They are easy to mount on ¾" (19.05mm) pipe with threaded ends.

All Pony Pipe Clamp fixtures include quality features such as steel thrust-bearings, special smoothly cut Acme threaded screws, malleable / ductile iron casting with baked enamel finish and the original "Multi-Disc-Clutch" design.

Please Note:

  • The extra spring supplied in the kit is for replacement of the tailstock spring, should it wear out at any point.
  • You will require ¾" (19.05mm) pipe for the Clamp Kit 
  • The headstock end of the pipe ideally needs to have an NPT ¾" tapered thread. It will also work with a standard USA ¾" non taper thread, but then will often loosen under use. 
  • If you use a non taper USA Standard ¾" thread, the we suggest that you use Loctite on the headstock thread as well.
  • Using a proper USA Standard NPT (National Pipe Thread Taper) thread you will not require any Loctite as the thread is tapered and therefore self locking.

There are two options regarding threading your pipes:

  1. Purchase your own ¾" NPT die-nut and handles and then you can thread your own pipes to your heart's content.
  2. Should you find it difficult to acquire either an NPT ¾" Die Nut and handles, or a local engineering company that is able to cut your threads, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you in your area.

If you go the route of getting someone to thread the pipe ends for you, we do recommend that you acquire a selection of pipe lengths and have both ends threaded, and ask them for a few female to female pipe couplers. In this way, you can attach a number of lengths together when required for clamping large projects.