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Polishing & Compound Kit - Tork Craft

R 249.90

Polishing and compound kit


The kit includes a polishing buff and 5 solid polishing compounds. The compounds are used with various metals. It can be used to remove stretcher strains, orange peel, polishing wheel grit lines and light die marks etc.

Spare polishing compound is available for the kit:TC804904

How to use the compounds and the buffing pad:

  1. The adaptor is used to hold the buffing pad in the drill's chuck. Fasten the correct buffing pad in the adaptor./li>
  2. It would be best to use a drill press to polish metals. If a drill press is not accessable, use adaptor TCV01810 with a portable drill with a collar diameter of Ø43mm. Tighten the adaptor in the drill's chuck.
  3. The buffing pad should revolve towards you at full speed. Pass the compound lightly across the face of the buffing pad. To ensure that the compound is evenly spread, hold a clean piece of scrap metal against the face of the buffing pad. This will eliminate lumps of compound from occuring.
  4. If desired, heat the item to 65°C using an oven or a heater. Warming the metal keeps the compound on the buffing pad. A cool item will draw compound from the pad and leave deposits. Use a glove to handle the warm item.
  5. Hold the metal lightly against the buffing pad. Allow the compound to do the work.
  6. If more compound is required, apply it using a wiping motion. Do not overload the buffing pad.