Polishing Bonnet Wool 7" 178mm MM7 - Tork Craft

Polishing Bonnet Wool 7" 178mm MM7 - Tork Craft

  • R 129.90

Tie on polishing wool buff


Diameter: Ø180mm

Use backing pad: PG33805


The polishing wool buff should be used with an automotive polisher. Different polishes and waxes can be used with the buff. The buff is fastened onto a rubber backing pad with laces. Make sure the diameter of the polishing buff is the same as the backing pad's diameter.

It is necessary to polish a vehicle body panel when:

  • The panel has been newly painted with a clear-coat.
  • Shallow scratch marks need to be removed.
  • The panel has suffered from oxidation.
  • Swirl marks and hologram defects need to be removed.

The buff is washable after use if the polishing compound is soluble.

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