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PG | Wire Cup Brush 65XM14 Knotted

by PG
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65XM14 Knotted Wire Cup Brush

Material Wire: Steel
Body: Coated Steel
Nut: CRV
Features Max RPM: 12,500
Recommended Tool: Corded/Cordless 115mm Angle grinder /Pneumatic Grinder
Thread Type and size: M14

Application Stripping paint from metal surfaces
Removing paint
Removing oxide layers
Smoothing metal surfaces
Safety Wear proper safety googles and face shield to avoid flying bristles
Wear heavy leather apron and proper safety shoes
Wear proper protective gloves and helmet
Avoid going into sharp edges with your brush and applying excessive pressure, this will result in your tool losing control and will lead to potential injuries
Assembly Ensure the grinder is disconnected from the power supply and switched off before working on the grinder.
Put your grinder upside down remove your collet nut and backing flange, insert your Wire cup brush with the M14 side bolt directly onto your spindle thread.
Tighten your Wire cup by turning it clockwise while pressing the spindle lock on your grinder until it locks into place.