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Pfeil | Swiss Carving Chisel Set Starter 8 Tools w/ Canvas Roll | 060RO8

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  • Pfeil Swiss Carving Gouges are accurately forged in various sweeps to remove greater or lesser amounts of wood. The broad range of Pfeil sweeps and widths opens unlimited possibilities in sculpture carving. 
  • The Pfeil #Ro/8 Starter Carving Set is an excellent way to get into carving and includes a rugged Canvas Tool Roll. The Starter Set consists of seven carefully selected Full Size Chisels & one Chip Carving Knife. As you progress, you simply add tools to this basic set, as and when you require them.
  • In plain English, this means that you get the following tools: a 12mm Chisel, 12mm Skew Chisel, Series 5-12mm Gouge, Series 4-20mm Gouge, Series 7-10mm Gouge, Series 9-4mm Gouge, a 60° V Tool-8mm wide and a Chip Carving Knife.
  • Pfeil undoubtedly makes the finest carving tools in the world, and they are second-to-none in terms of their Swiss manufacturing quality, edge retention and their durability.
Contents of set:
  • 1 each #1/12 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #1s/12 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #5/12 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #4/20 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #7/10 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #9/4 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #12/8 Full Size Chisel
  • 1 each #Kerb/12 Chip Carving Knife
  • 1 each Rugged Fully Sewn Canvas Tool Roll

Carving tools should be treated with care. They should be stored in tool rolls, wooden boxes or wall-mounted tool racks. In order to avoid improper cuts and the danger of injury, tools should not be allowed to fall on the floor or impact one another.

In order to prevent corrosion (rust etc.), the tools must be stored in a dry room. For longer periods of storage, it is recommended to protect the blade of the tool with a thin coat of light oil. Lie-Nielsen Camellia Oil which is recommended for all of your metal hand tools, is available from Toolcraft in 140ml bottles.