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PAX | 1776 Tenon Saw Rip 12" 13tpi

R 3,699.90
In 1776, when America was still a British Colony and Thomas Chippendale Senior was still accepting commissions for his exquisite furniture, another Yorkshire born Thomas - Thomas Sanderson of Attercliffe near Sheffield, set about making the first ever Pax handsaw.

Today’s Pax 1776 Saw is a faithful reproduction, with a handcrafted maple handle secured with a pair of brass split nuts, hand filed teeth and a hand polished folded brass spine. Flamboyant blade etchings didn’t come along until the 19th century so there’s just a quietly understated engraving on the spine to tell you what it is and where it comes from.

This 20tpi, rip filed, dovetail variant starts effortlessly, tracks beautifully and leaves an impressively narrow 0.8mm kerf (a perfect slip fit for a 0.6mm cabinet scraper if you are cutting half blind dovetails.) A fine tool that no Gentleman Cabinetmaker’s toolkit should be without.

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