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PAX 10" 1776 Series Dovetail Saw, Rip-Cut,20tpi

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In 1776, when America was still a British Colony and Thomas Chippendale Senior was still accepting commissions for his exquisite furniture, another Yorkshire born Thomas - Thomas Sanderson of Attercliffe near Sheffield, set about making the first ever Pax handsaw.

Today’s Pax 1776 Saw is a faithful reproduction, with a handcrafted maple handle secured with a pair of brass split nuts, hand filed teeth and a hand polished folded brass spine. Flamboyant blade etchings didn’t come along until the 19th century so there’s just a quietly understated engraving on the spine to tell you what it is and where it comes from.

This 20tpi, rip-cut filed, dovetail saw starts effortlessly, tracks beautifully and leaves an impressively narrow 0.8mm kerf (a perfect slip fit for a 0.6mm cabinet scraper if you are cutting half blind dovetails). The Pax 1776 Saw is undoubtably Thomas Flinn’s finest hand saw.  Made with a heavily folded brass back roll marked with "Pax 1776 Sheffield England", it is made as a celebration piece commemorating the start of Pax saws and they are made today to the same high standards that they were two hundred years ago.
With a blade length of 10" (254mm) and a blade depth of 2" (52mm), this hand saw is the ultimate in beauty and also in it’s unrivalled performance. 

Key Features:
* Hand finished Pistol Grip Maple Handle, Danish Oiled for ultimate tactile comfort
* Solid Brass Screws and Caps
* Mirror Finished Brass Back with traditional style roll mark "PAX 1776"
* Hand Sharpened

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