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- Sneezing sawdust? Get up to 50% OFF our EZ Flex Dust Hoses -

Olson | Scroll Saw Blades with pins 20TPI 6Pk

R 159.90
Scroll saw blades pinned

Pinned blades 127mm (5") for a scroll saw.

LENGTH: 127mm (5") between pins
TPI: 20


The blades are manufactured to be used with scroll saws.

There are various blade types available in the range with different teeth styles for different uses.

A minimum pilot hole of 4.7mm is required for cut-outs. Take a look at the chart below to select the correct blade for the recommended material and thickness.

Scroll saw blade selection chart:

42401 18.5 Skip tooth Very thin cuts in hard and soft woods. 19mm
40501 20 Regular Thin cuts in hard and soft woods. 19mm
41001 7 Hook Cut thick hard and soft woods. 51mm
41101 15 Regular General purpose blade for woods & plastic. 19mm
41201 10 Regular Fast cutting of hard and soft woods. 19mm
42003 9/5 Skip tooth Fast cut blade with reversed teeth for woods. 19mm
42701 25 Regular Fine cuts in aluminium, plastic, soft woods & veneer to 19mm



TPI - Teeth per inch. The amount of teeth measured between 25.4mm

Some blades have reversed teeth for fast paced cutting. Take care when using these blades as the blades can lift up your project from the scroll saw table when cutting.