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Nobex | Champion Professional Mitre Saw | E80805SB

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R 3,750.00
  • The Swedish Nobex Champion Professional Compound Mitre Saw is made for the discerning woodworker who appreciates the accuracy and craftsmanship of doing things by hand
  • The Nobex Champion has the largest stock capacity of any Hand Mitre Saw on the world market. It can cut up to 180mm in depth at 90º, and 125mm in depth at 45°.
  • This Mitre Saw is accurate to 0,08º
  • Locks at any angle between pre-set stops
  • Quick and accurate locking for 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 sided frames and 90° cuts
  • Patented technique for easy compound mitre cuts
  • Machined horizontal and vertical base surfaces give you maximum support while cutting and ensure accuracy to 0.08°
  • Automatic saw suspension for safe positioning of workpiece
  • Parallel parking. Very useful for storage and transport
  • Standard blade 18 tpi
  • Fast action clamps. Can be mounted in two positions to hold the workpiece securely
  • Material support. Makes cutting of longer workpieces easy and more accurate.
  • Length stop specially designed for a mitred cut. Maximum length at 45° – 860 mm
  • Depth-stop. For a pre-set cutting depth
  • Accurately milled Grooves on the table surface for cutting Compound Angles
  • A Fast-Action Work Clamp, which operates on angled as well as straight surfaces
  • Rear Vertical Fence Extender Pair, which gives improved support to tall workpieces
  • Blade Length:                            630mm
  • Blade Width:                             45mm
  • Maximum Capacity @ 45º:       125X180mm
  • Maximum Capacity @ 90º:       200mm
  • Maximum Cutting Height:        180mm
  • Table Size:                                 500X125mm
The Nobex® Champion is the largest model in the Nobex Range and is the best all around mitre saw for the cabinetmaker’s and joiner’s workshop. Large steel feet make it easy to clamp to your workbench for a sturdy base. Comes with a standard 18TPI blade that gives you a smooth, yet fast cut. Available Blades: Blades 630mm in length in a choice of types:
  • 10 Tpi fast woodcutting
  • 16 Tpi with Japanese style teeth
  • 18 Tpi general purpose
  • 24 Tpi picture framing
  • 32 Tpi non-ferrous blade suitable for brass & aluminium

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