Narex Set of Carving Knives 4PC - 869100

Narex Set of Carving Knives 4PC - 869100

  • R 1,499.90

Detailed description

Carving knifes PROFI are handmade tools of the highest quality, designed especially for proffessional carvers. Blades are made of Manganese-Vanadium tool steel and heat treated to the hardness of 60-62 HRc. Knife handles are made of beach wood, the surface is stained and waxed.

Knife sets are supplied in the wooden box.

The set contains:


Description:                                                        Code:

Carving knife - carving                                       822510

Carving knife - necking                                      822520

Carving knife – notchcutting                              822530

Carving knife - bent                                           822540


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