Narex Carving Chisels, Starter Set, 5 Piece

  • R 819.90


Figuring out where to get started with wood carving in South Africa can be quite difficult.

Luckily, Narex provides this essential 5-Piece Starter Carving Chisel Set for beginners that will cover the most common needs of the new wood carver.

Made from hardened carbon steel and treated with a black protective coating, these five chisels are fully ground and sharpened right out of he box and ready for use. The set also includes a sharpening guide to teach you how to properly keep a razor sharp edge on your new carving instruments.

Each chisel features naturally finished beech wood handles with a squared off cross section which allows you to feel the exact position of the cutting edge, cut-for-cut, and also includes a blank piece of lime wood which is ideal for carving applications.

Jump right into this exciting new woodworking discipline with this high quality five-piece set of carving chisels today!


  • Designed for the Beginner Wood Carver
  • Set includes five of the most essential chisels necessary to get started with carving:
    • Skew Carving Chisel
    • Shallow Carving Gouge
    • Standard Carving Gouge
    • Deep Carving Gouge
    • Straight "V" Tool
  • Beech wood handles with natural stain and squared cross section for added control.

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