Narex Spoon Carving, Set of 4 in Leather Tool Roll

  • R 1,999.99


Introducing the new Narex Spoon Carving Chisel Set. Customers asked for it and Narex made it! This excellent set of Spoon Carving Chisels will get you into spoon carving in no time at all.  Included in the set is a well made lather tool roll, so that you can carve anywhere and anytime you wish.

Your Narex Spoon Carving Set consists of the following:

  • Carving Knife for Spoon Making - Right (Narex 822101)
  • Carving Knife for Spoon Making - Small Right (Narex 822104)
  • Carving Knife for Spoon Making  (Narex 822510)
  • Carving Chisel for Spoon Making (Narex 822820)
  • Narex Leather Tool Roll


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