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Narex Carving Chisels, Wood Line Standard, 6 Piece Set, c/w Sharpening Stone 894610

R 1,679.00


The Narex Wood Line Standard 6 Piece Set of Carving Chisels is a small, excellent and comprehensive set for both amateur and professional use.

All of the Blades are heat treated to 59 HRc and the European Beech Handles fetaure a dual taper Octagonal shape, except for the whittling / chip carving knives which have standard handles.  

Your Narex 8 Piece Set of Carving Chisels contains the following Tools:

  • 1 each #1 - 3mm Straight Carving Chisel (Narex 892012)
  • 1 each #9 - 8mm Straight Carving Chisel (Narex 892508)
  • 1 each #45 - 6mm Staright V Tool, 90º (Narex 892706)
  • 1 each Carving Knife, Large (Narex 894110)
  • 1 each Chip Carving Knife, Small (Narex 894210)
  • 1 each Carving Knife, Detail (Narex 894310)
  • 1 each Narex Sharpening Stone

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