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Narex | Bench Chisel Set, 6mm, Skew-L/R, Wood-Line Plus, Pair in Presentation Box - 851656

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R 899.90

  • This matched pair of Cabinetmakers Skew Bench Chisels is eminently suited to cleaning out corners, dovetails and waste material in areas that are either very difficult to clear or cannot be reached with standard bevel edged bench chisels
  • The sides of Wood-Line Plus Cabinetmakers Chisels are approximately 1mm wide with a with a fractional taper over the length of the blade
  • This subtle refinement offers superb sight-lines and exceptional clearance for dovetail work  
  • The blades are forged from traditional Chrome-Manganese Tool Steel and are heat treated to 59 HRc
  • The handles were developed from a shape that Narex last used on a range of chisels that they made in the 1930's
  • The combination of the stained and waxed European Hornbeam Handles, brass plated split proof & self tightening steel ferrules and accurate grinding of the cutting edge creates a unique pair of hand tools presenting excellent value for money


      • Blade Width  : 6mm, Right Hand
      • Blade Width  : 6mm, Left Hand
      • Skew Angle   : 30° 
      • Blade Length : 118mm
      • Overall Length: 252mm

Both blades are fully ground, polished and sharpened

Careful storage and a wipe down with a light non-hardening oil after use will keep your chisels in good condition. An unusual characteristic of Cr-Mn steel is that it cannot be etched, so the blades must be printed instead, contact with solvents or abrasion may therefore remove the markings on the blade. Narex chisels are ground before being hardened, so you will likely find that edge retention improves significantly after the first couple of honings, this is completely normal and once the first couple of millimetres have been sharpened away you will begin to experience what a pleasure Cr-Mn steel is to use.

Proudly made in the Czech Republic