Narex Bird Cage Awl 6mm, Four Sided

Narex Bird Cage Awl 6mm, Four Sided

  • R 94.90

There's a right tool for the job, even when it comes to awls.

The Narex Birdcage Awl allows you to cut pilot holes and countersink existing drill points precisely and efficiently. Made from high quality chrome-manganese alloyed steel and sharpened to a square point on both the primary and secondary cutting bezels, these birdcage awls allow for true wood cutting that their scratch awl cousins weren't designed to do.

  • Chrome-Manganese alloyed steel blade with black surface treatment
  • Stained and varnished beech wood handle
  • Part of the Narex Wood-Line series of premium hand tools

Workshop Application:

  • A Scratch Awl  is best used when scribing lines in your working material.
  • A Birdcage Awl  is most effective at creating small holes in wood.


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