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Mortice Chisel Attachment 66/62/58

R 1,499.90
SKU MCA66/62/58

The Tork Craft hollow mortise chisel mortising attachment converts your drill press into a mortising machine. If your woodworking project calls for a number of mortise and tenon joints, you need to invest in a dedicated, hollow-chisel mortiser, with which you could crank out a number of clean mortises in a hurry.

If you don't have space (or the budget) for another power tool, but have a drill press, there is another option. Almost all floor-standing drill presses can accommodate a hollow-chisel mortising attachment. This attachment will connect to your drill press in just a few minutes, and allows you to use hollow-chisel mortising bits in sizes from 1/4" to 3/4" in width.

The Tork Craft hollow mortise chisel mortising attachment This mortising attachments also include a stock hold-down, which connects to your drill press table. This hold-down will hold your stock (wood) firm when the square chisel is withdrawn from the stock. Using this attachment makes cutting mortises safer and quicker, so resist the urge to cut your mortises without it.


  • Faster than a chisel by hand
  • Consistent in size
  • Strong joints
  • Reliable joints
  • Looks good
  • Large glue surfaces enhancing the strength
  • Convenient