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Milescraft HD Pocket Screws 64MM 35PK

R 119.90
SKU 0825207


The 2.5″ HDPocketScrews (coarse) are self-tapping and for use with 1-1/2″ (38mm) and larger stock. T25 Torx® screws align with maximum precision, ensuring a secure hold. The perfect choice for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor projects.

T25 Torx® Drive, Washer Head Screw

  • For maximum torque settings without stripping
  • Allows for Pocket Screws to align with maximum precision

Coarse Threads

  • Ideal for softwoods or plywoods

Anti-Corrosion Finish

  • Double zinc coated with anti-corrosion finish for moisture resistance, perfect for indoor and outdoor projects


Contains                                   35ct.

Size                                           14

Material Length                        2.5" (38mm)_

Thread                                      Coarse

For use with                              1-1/2" and larger stock

Ideal for                                    Indoor and Outdoor projects