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MicroJig | GRR-Ripper Complete System Double Pack

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Don’t use a table saw without it

  • The GRR-RIPPER® Complete Double Pack is an all in one solution for ultimate control, precision, and safety
  • The package includes two GRR-RIPPER® Advanced 3D Pushblocks, and two of every accessory we make for it
  • It’s everything you need to experience the full range of functionality that only the GRR-RIPPER® can offer

How it works


Three directions of force

Three directions of force provide essential stability for superior precision, safety, and control.

  • Downward pressure stabilizes work piece on a flat surface
  • Inward pressure against the fence virtually eliminates kickback
  • Forward pressure feeds stock consistently through the cut to eliminate burning and blade marks

Virtually eliminates kickback on table saws

  • Kickback occurs when the workpiece strays from the fence, and gets pinched between the saw blade and the fence
  • The rear teeth of the blade grab the workpiece, turning it into a dangerous projectile
  • The only way to avoid kickback is to maintain control of your workpiece through the entire cut
  • The GRR-RIPPER® provides downward and inward pressure, keeping both sides of the cut parallel to the blade
  • This prevents the workpiece from straying from the rip fence, virtually eliminating kickback

Rip without stopping or burning

  • Using two GRR-RIPPERs allows you to feed long stock continuously without stopping, virtually eliminating burning and blade marks caused by inconsistent feed rate
  • Parts come off the saw ready to use with little to no additional sanding or planing

Complete precision, control, and safety

  • The 1/8" Leg allows you to rip thin strips down to ⅛”, safely and repeatably 
  • Excellent for edge banding, models, or decorative inlays
  • The Gravity Heel Kit comes with 5 dynamic sacrificial heels and mounting hardware
  • They automatically retract mid-board, and drop down to hook the tail end of the workpiece  
  • The specially formulated plastic material allows them to be cut, providing support to prevent tearout
  • The included Stabilising Plate provides 250% more stabilizing surface with two additional points of contact 
  • It keeps the workpiece locked tight to the fence and parallel to the blade
  • The included Adjustable Spacer gives you 54% more gripping surface for controlling larger workpieces 
  • Adjustment slots provide clearance for exposed router bits while maintaining a flat edge on the fence
  • The Handle Bridges distribute downward pressure evenly for greater control and safer cuts
  • You’ll notice the difference
  • The Deflector/Connector acts as a barrier between your hands and spinning blades while deflecting chips and debris  
  • It also connects to GRR-RIPPERs equipped with Handle Bridges  
  • Two GRR-RIPPERs means twice the control while working with larger workpieces
GRR-RIPPER Complete (2-Pack)

Router Tables

  • The GRR-RIPPER provides incredible command over your workpiece on the router table
  • Whether you’re using the fence or freehand routing, its powerful grip controls stock and protects your hands from dangerous spinning bits
GRR-RIPPER Complete (2-Pack)


  • The GRR-RIPPER’s proprietary Green GRR-RIP material provides all the traction you need to properly flatten stock on the jointer
  • Because of its powerful grip, you can feed material over the cutter head without having to apply too much downward pressure  
  • The GRR-RIPPER makes proper face-jointing technique easy, and safe

GRR-RIPPER Complete (2-Pack)

    Band Saws

    • The GRR-RIPPER's legs and main body maintain a constant 90 degree angle
    • It can be used on its side which is ideal for resawing on bandsaws
    • The GRR-RIPPER glides along the table top and applies even pressure against the fence with your hands clear of the blade
    • Even pressure means less blade drift, resulting in smoother cuts