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MicroJig | GRR-Ripper Advanced 3D PushBlock

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MicroJig's GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock is the world's #1 best selling and most trusted adjustable pushblock. A must-have for any table saw.

  • Protect hands and prevent kickback like never before and cut with surgical precision with the safest, most precise Pushblock
  • For use on all table saws, bandsaws, router tables and jointers
  • Unmatched control over the workpiece.
  • Stabilises for small and narrow parts and cuts safely
  • Shields hands from blades and bits for ultimate protection
  • Fully adjustable to meet your needs for your most demanding projects
  • Incredible versatility for all your favourite woodworking machinery

     Full Product Description

    • The Micro Jig GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock comes with 3 legs featuring proprietary Green GRR-RIP® non-slip material, built-in balance support, adjustable handle, and includes two additional accessories: Stabilising Plate, Adjustable Spacer
    • The Stabilisng Plate locks the material against the fence keeping your work square and flush
    • It provides 250% more stabilising surface to keep your work under control when re-sawing on the table saw or routing on the router table
    • The Adjustable Spacer give you 54% more gripping surface and 25mm of additional cut capacity to take on your biggest projects and wider cuts


    • "I would recommend getting two GRR-Rippers. That way you can use them in tandem for long stock." - Canadian Woodworking Magazine
    • "Universal materials-handling device." - Woodsmith Magazine
    • Recommended by Scott Phillips Host of the American Woodshop on PBS
    • Top 3 Table Saw Gadgets by WOOD Magazine
    • 9.3 out of 10 Rating by HANDY Woodworkers with 'Safety' as Best Feature