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MicroJig | GRR-Ripper Accessory - 1/8" Leg

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MicroJig's GRR-RIPPER is the ultimate workshop companion

  • Rip 1/8″ thin strips safely, accurately and consistently on a table saw with the GRR-RIPPER 1/8″ Leg
  • Fits all GRR-RIPPER models
  • This Micro Jig purpose built table saw, jointer, band saw  and router accessory will give you the confidence to make ultra-thin cuts with surgical precision and the control to make the exact cut you want, every time
  • This advanced model of MicroJig's Gripper comes with two additional accessories that improve the control and expandability of the Gripper System and is designed to meet the needs of the professional woodworker or serious hobbyist
  • With enhanced versatility and exclusive features, MicroJig's Gripper will easily and safely perform operations that were previously dangerous and time-consuming
  • Whether you are making razor-thin veneer strips, building miniatures or creating exquisite furniture, you will save time, materials, and fingers with the this great tool in your shop
  • Adjustable Spacer - This accessory adds increased gripping surface for tackling larger stock. It also adds one inch of cutting width to the GRR-Ripper
  • Stabilizing Plate - The Stabilising Plate adds a new dimension of control to the Gripper
  • It is particularly useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock.
  • Excellent for affixing user-built jigs
  • The Stabilising Plate also performs as the secondary fence that travels with the Gripper along the left side of the stock
  • It holds the off-cut piece in its original position through the entire cutting operation

For Use With

  • Jointers
  • Band Saws
  • Router Tables
  • Shapers
  • Table Saws

More features of the GRR-RIP Block include

  • Reversible ergonomic handle is angled for all-day woodworking comfort
  • Unique Green GRR-RIP® nonslip pad has a super-grip on your material
  • Gravity actuated hooks drop down automatically to grab the end of a board
  • Hooks instantly retract when the pushblock grips a material surface
  • 90° flip guide for veneering or resawing on your bandsaw