MICRO JIG ZEROPLAY Mitre Bar System (2 x Bars & 2 x Stops)

  • R 899.90

No More Hardwood Guides - Year Round Precision Regardless Of The Weather!

The MICRO JIG ZEROPLAY Mitre Slot Guide Bar System is a “One-Touch Calibration” Mitre Bar  (9 ½” in length) that has two stacked half bars with opposing wedges that expand parallel & evenly to fit the exact width of a standard mitre slot for a perfect fit and smooth glide.

The old method of making guide bars out of wood (even plywood) is a thing of the past. The MICRO JIG ZEROPLAY SYSTEM won't swell and shrink with seasonal humidity.

Features Include:

  • Create perfectly square cross cut jigs WITHOUT any trial and error set-screw adjustment along the Mitre Bar.
  • Easily square the jig to the blade adjustment while securing through the top of the sled = Top Down Installation.
  • Build small cut-off jigs that are easy to carry and store, or build large jigs with multiple ZEROPLAY GUIDE BARS in tandem andwith custom spacing.
  • Replace your worn and warped wooden runners and aluminium or steel bars that can be a hassle to calibrate.
  • Retro-Fit your existing cross-cut jigs for improved precision.

Kit includes:

  • 2 each ZEROPLAY Mitre Bars
  • 2 each ZEROPLAY Mitre Stops.




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