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Microjig | MJ Splitter SteelPro Kit (1/8" Full Kerf) Blue

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Safety should always the number one thought as a woodworker commences any work. Sometimes removing the riving knife is required for cutting trenches, rebates and shallow cuts where the riving knife would get in the way. This has always been a risky practice until MICRO JIG introduced the MJ SPLITTERS.

Used by woodworkers around the world, the MICRO JIG MJ SPLITTER SteelPRO's are positioned so that one is in the same plane as one side of the blade, and the other is in the same plane as the other side of the blade. The splitters are tapered, so they will not bind on the timber as it is being cut.

The MJ SPLITTER SteelPRO greatly improves safety by reducing the occurrence of kickback from both sides of the saw blade. The double-splitter technique offers a unique approach to table saw safety.

By placing two splitters back-to-back behind the saw blade, the SteelPRO System allows the user to offset one splitter towards the fence to control the keeper-piece and offset the other splitter away from the fence to control the off-cut piece.

The MJ Splitter SteelPRO System is available for 1/8” kerf saw blades and thin kerf saw blades. The SteelPRO System can be easily installed into a Zero Clearance Throat plate on most table saws. Installation is so simple, it´s foolproof.

The SteelPRO uses a stainless steel core coated with high density plastic for significantly improved durability and resilience.

This new splitter system utilizes a patented "Automatic Kerf Keeper”. The Kerf Keeper is a separated tab installed behind one of the SteelPRO Splitter inserts that is automatically ejected from its station once the saw kerf begins to close. A closing saw kerf posses a great danger to the user because the board may bind the saw blade and kickback. The Automatic Kerf Keeper deploys when the board pinches the Kerf Keeper and pulls it out of its position. Not only does this keep the kerf wedged open, it signals to the user the kerf is closing and the saw should be turned off.

Please note: The Full Kerf version (Blue) is for 1/8" thick blades and the Thin Kerf version (Red) is for less than 1/8" kerf blades. Both are to be used when making 90-degree cuts only.

Both Kits Include:

  • 1 each Drill Guide
  • 1 each 3/16" Drill Bit
  • 4 each MJ Splitter SteelPRO Inserts
  • 3 each Automatic Kerf Keepers
  • 5 each  #8 x 1/2" Washer Head Wood Screws
  • 1 each Installation Instruction Sheet