Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps, New Version (Pair)

  • R 699.90
  • Save R 300

The New Version of the famous Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp Set is a must-have tool for all of your woodworking projects. Thoughtfully designed to save you time and frustration, it gives you the freedom to create your own track grooves, so you can clamp just about anywhere.

Simply route a dovetail groove using the the special Micro Jig 1/2-inch x 14-Degree Dovetail Router Bit to create channels virtually anywhere you need to apply clamping pressure.

Micro jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps are your go-to woodworking accessories for cutting composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.


  • Soft Grip Handle: Where other clamps tend to slip out of your hands when you're clamping wood pieces down, Microjig Matchfit Dovetail Clamps eliminate this nuisance. For better traction, these clamps feature a newly designed rubberised soft-grip handle to give a you an excellent & comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Create customisable clamping tables.
  • Build tall & stable fences.
  • Universally compatible with 1/2-inch 14-Degree dovetail router bits.
  • Route dovetail grooves to creates clamping tracks virtually anywhere.
  • Redesigned look with soft-grip handle creates more traction.
  • Produce a multifaceted straight edge sled for your table saw.
  • Suitable for workbench use as wide capacity vise clamps.






  • Clamping Range: 0 – 5.25” (0 – 133mm)
  • Clamp Pressure: 595 lbs open at 4” (270 kg open at 100mm
  • Jaw Depth: 2.375” (60mm)
  • Minimum Dovetail Slot Length: 3.75” (95mm)
  • Dovetail Profile: 0.5” by 14º


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