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Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dado Stop

R 659.90

Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dado Stop - Perfect Dadoes without Measuring!

Remarkably simple and easy to use, the Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dado Stop sets the shoulders of your dado using the actual part that will be fitted in the dado for a perfect fit without measuring or test cuts. No hassles, no tricky measurements, just perfect-fitting dado cuts.

The MatchFit Dado Stop is simple & intuitive. Use a sample of the piece that will fit into the dado to set the position of the legs of the dado stop. This defines the outside shoulders of your dado. Make two cuts, then clear away the waste in between for a perfect, gap-free joint.

You can also use the Dado Stop as a crosscut stop to make repetitive cuts on multiple workpieces for identical lengths. The precise 3” (75mm) length allows you to accurately set the rip fence position for repeatable, accurate cuts quickly and easily.

Made in the U.S.A.