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Micro Jig GRR-RIP Push Block

R 799.90

GRR-RIP BLOCK - The Smart Choice For Safety In Your Workshop!

The Micro Jig GRR-RIP BLOCK features the innovative Green GRR-RIP nonslip pad and Smart Gravity Heel to give you total control over your workpiece. GRR-RRIP Block's drop-down heel hooks are there when you need them and instantly retract when you don't.

Micr Jig's GRR-RIP BLOCK gives you improved control for freehand routing while keeping your hands clear and away from the spinning router bit. We recommend adding the optional MJ Deflector/Connector accessory for the ultimate protection against flying debris.

For Use With:

  • Jointers
  • Band Saws
  • Router Tables
  • Shapers
  • Table Saws

More features of the GRR-RIP Block include:

  • Reversible ergonomic handle is angled for all-day woodworking comfort.
  • Unique Green GRR-RIP® nonslip pad has a super-grip on your material.
  • Gravity actuated hooks drop down automatically to grab the end of a board.
  • Hooks instantly retract when the pushblock grips a material surface.
  • 90° flip guide for veneering or resawing on your bandsaw.