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Matweld Welding Machine Inverter 200A 220V

by Matweld
R 4,859.00

Single Phase 220V DC Inverters

Compact and lightweight
Stable Arc with excellent striking capabilities
Hot Start MMA
Over Voltage and Over Current protection
Carry Handle and Convenient Shoulder strap
Suitable for Scratch Start TIG welding
Supplied with welding cables

VRD stands for Voltage Reduction Device
A VRD reduces the maximum open circuit voltage across the output terminals to
below 15 volts
This is a safety requirement of most mines in South Africa when the unit is to
be operated underground or in damp conditions
The presence of a VRD can however cause difficulty in the striking and
re-striking of the arc with less skilled operators. This is because the machine
has to rapidly change from the reduced open circuit voltage of below 15 volts
to the open circuit voltage of around 56 volts necessary to strike the arc

Technical data ARC 200 MAT9055K
Input Power Voltage Single Phs AC220V±10%
Rated Input Power Capacity 5.3 KVA
No Load Voltage 63V
Output Current Range 20-200A
Rated Output Voltage 26.2
Duty Cycle 10% 60%
Weight 8Kg
Dimensions (LWH) 371 x 155 x 295mm