M-Power Point 2 Point MK2 Layout Tool

  • R 549.90


The excellent M-Power Point 2 Point MK2 is the perfect layout tool for when you need things evenly spaced.
With this well built tool, you will find it dead easy to work out the correct number and position of dovetail joints, box joints, biscuits, dowels, screws, pins, coat hook pegs, or quickly calculate the maximum number of strips that can be cut from a board.

The M-Power Point 2 Point MK2 really saves time and gives an instant visual guide to the size and number of divisions possible on a workpiece.

Multiple uses: Not just for woodworkers! Pleats on curtains, buttons on shirts and all other sorts of layout tasks in arts and craft studios can be simplified. We’ve even had chefs subdividing cakes in the kitchen with their Point 2 Points!

  • Centre Point Finder. Expand the Point 2 Point Mk2 over the width of a board, and the centre indicator shows the exact middle of the board.
  • 20% Larger. The Mk2 boasts a maximum extension of over 2-1/2' (760mm) with spacing between individual points now exceeding 5" (130mm).
  • Better Build Quality. M-Power have increased the thickness of the aluminium mechanism by 50%, making it a great deal more robust.
  • The Pinch-Bolts are also larger, making them more efficient and easier to handle.
  • Quick Lock. M-Power have reduced the number of Pinch-Bolts from four down to two, so it’s much quicker to lock in your settings.

• Smoother Action. The reduction of moving parts has increased the overall tolerance of the assembly, reducing play and improving the scissor mechanism action.


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