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Lukas Abrasives | Burr Ball | D030303

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Ball Burr D030303

LUKAS carbide burrs are manufactured using high-quality solid carbides on modern CNC automatic grinding machines in order to guarantee precision and repeatability of angle, profile and twist. Our Head Office in Germany manufactures solid carbide burrs to your drawings and specifications to help you solve difficult stock removal problems.


Selecting the right cut and speed is key for achieving the best results when working with a variety of materials. Please refer to the tables for cut and cutting speed.

Power Tools

Electrical or pneumatic tools, with bearings and collets that are in good condition and run true, are key to getting perfect results. Vibration and chatter will cause premature wear and tooth breakage. Excessive working pressure will increase wear but not increase performance.


For safety reasons, always choose the largest shank diameter available from the table. All burr shanks from LUKAS have a shank diameter tolerance of h9 to ensure safe and smooth assembly. Other shank lengths and diameters are available upon request.

Recommendations for Use

Select the cut according to the material to be machined. The rule of thumb is: the harder the material, the finer the cut. Selecting the right speed is key when it comes to achieving perfect working results and long tool life. The following pages contain information that can help you determine the right speed for your process. Use the highest speeds possible within the ranges listed. Speeds that are too low cause vibration, chipping and premature wear! Reduce the speed of the burrs only when working with large contact angles or materials with low heat conductivity. Never allow blue discolouration to appear on the shank and head. For safety reasons, the use of longer shanks requires lower speeds.