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Luban | Bronze Spokeshave Flat | LUSSB1

by Luban
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R 699.90

Luban's  beautiful and highly functional Bronze Spokeshave is really great value.

Spokeshave are, simply put, very short soled planes for working curved surfaces. Their uses include refining convex, biconvex, slightly concave, and concave/convex surfaces after your initial shaping with the bandsaw and rasps. 

The Luban Bronze Spokeshave is 267mm in  overall length.  It is cast from Bronze and features a T10 cutting iron hardened to RC59-63. 

Spokeshaves are wonderful tools to use, especially when you are really 'in the zone' as you need to be very aware of the grain to get the best from them. Always work with the grain, on a straight grained piece of timber this means working towards the centre of concave shapes and away from the centre of convex ones; i.e. always going downhill.

  • Body Material: Bronze
  • Handles: Bubinga
  • Blade: T10 Tool Steel
  • Hardness of Blade: 59-63
  • Cutting Edge: Honed to 25º
  • Weight: 480g
  • Cutting Width:  50mm

T10 Steel, also known as Tool Steel or High Speed Steel is the Chinese designation for an alloy made of Carbon steel and Tungsten (W1 in the United States of America). The alloy contains a higher tenor of Carbon compared to other Carbon Steels (about 1%) and a small fraction of silicon (0.35%).

Luban Hand Tools come with a 5 year Guarantee to be free of manufacturing defects - a new item will be supplied or the faulty component will be replaced in the event of a manufacturing defect at no charge.

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