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Liberon | Danish Oil 250ml

by Liberon
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The Wood and Floor Care Experts Since 1912

Whether putting the finishing touches to your newly-laid garden decking or looking to polish an antique parquet floor, Liberon’s premium, professional and ever-evolving range of durable wood and surface finishes has been preserving Britain’s floors since 1912.

Danish Oil, 250ml

  • Quick drying, feeds and protects hard and soft interior and exterior woods
  • It brings out the natural wood grain of timber and provides a satin to gloss finish
  • It is water, heat and alcohol resistant
  • Size: 250ml
  • Application Methods: Brush, Cloth

    On wood it is safe

    • This product will yellow light colour woods
    • Clean thread of container thoroughly before closing or contents will weld top shut!

    Interior woodwork

    • Ensure the surface is bare
    • Remove any wax finishes with Wax and Polish Remover and any varnish finishes with Fine Wood Stripper
    • Clean, dry and ensure the surface is dust free
    • If required stain the wood with Palette Wood Dye before oiling

    Exterior woodwork

    • Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from decaying timber
    • Surface greying or mould should also be removed as this may cause blackening of the timber

    Interior woodwork

    • Apply with a brush or lint-free cotton cloth and allow to penetrate for five to 10 minutes before wiping off excess with a clean lint-free cloth
    • Allow to dry for a minimum of five hours and apply more coats as required
    • We recommend a minimum of three coats
    • For best results gently rub with Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000) between coats
    • In damp areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, more coats will be required to ensure adequate protection

    Exterior woodwork

    • Apply as above
    • Application of four coats will give minimum protection
    • Exposed areas will require more coats
    • It is important to ensure sufficient coats of oil are applied initially to give maximum protection
    • It is not necessary to remove excess on sawn timber, but wipe off any runs


    • Oil finishes bring out the natural colours of timber
    • A wet surface will be an indication of the final colour
    • Always test the product on spare surface of inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result

    Cleaning and maintenance
    Interior woodwork

    • Surfaces may be cleaned using a damp cloth and spills should be wiped up immediately
    • For stubborn stains a mild detergent can be used
    • Surfaces need to be re-oiled once a year or more, depending upon usage

    Exterior woodwork

    • Clean off any surface grime, moulds, etc., (sand if required) before re-oiling
    • Exterior timbers need to be maintained on a regular basis, at least twice a year


    • Superior Danish Oil may darken some timbers and blackening may occur on some external timbers

    • Store Superior Danish Oil at a temperature above 5°C
    • Always replace the lid otherwise the oil can deteriorate
    • Oily cloths can self-combust
    • Do not leave impregnated cloths in bundles
    • Before discarding the cloths lay them flat outside to dry to avoid a fire hazard.
    • Superior Danish Oil is not suitable for use on external oak
    • Pure Tung Oil is recommended for this purpose
    • If the excess is not removed and the surface becomes sticky, wipe with white spirit to remove the sticky film and allow to dry before continuing