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- Sneezing sawdust? Get up to 50% OFF our EZ Flex Dust Hoses -

Kreg | Solid Production Stop KR KMS7800

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R 629.90

  • The Kreg Solid Production Stop allows you to create a professional production-ready Heavy Duty Stop for your Mitre Saw Station, Router Table, or Table Saw Mitre Gauge
  • It features Dual Cursors and Durable Construction that give it Accuracy and Toughness in one easy-to-use Stop

Precision & Accuracy

  • The Production Stop features Dual Lens Cursors with Hairline Indicators that allow you to use it on either side of the blade
  • Both Cursors are Micro-Adjustable, so you can fine tune the stop to your saw

Rugged Construction

  • The Kreg Solid Production Stop is made from a thick Heavy Duty Aluminium extrusion, so it is stiff and durable, but still lightweight
  • It is built to withstand years of heavy use, and to stay in place without deflecting

Adaptable Design

  • The Production Stop is designed to work with Kreg® Top Trak™ and Heavy Duty Trak™, allowing you to easily build your own fence, install your track, and use your Stop
  • This versatile system from Kreg® gives you multiple options, and means that you can easily use the Production Stop on many types of tools
  • The stop simply drops into the track from the topside, allowing it to be quickly removed and repositioned


  • Dual Lens Cursors for use on either side of saw blade
  • Designed to withstand use in a rugged shop environment
  • Compatible with Kreg® Top Trak™ and Kreg® Heavy Duty Trak™
  • Removable and Repositionable

Note: This product consists of 1 each Kreg® Solid Production Stop only! 

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