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Kreg Clamp, Right Angle, with Automaxx

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The Kreg Right Angle Clamp makes projects with 90° joints, faster and easier than ever before by giving you the helping hand you need to hold the parts in position as you drive in the screws. Simply slip the pin on the Right Angle Clamp into a pocket hole, close the clamp, and it draws the mating pieces tightly together. The swivelling clamp pad opposite the pin grabs the mating piece securely. 

Thanks to Kreg Automaxx® Auto-Adjust Technology, the Right Angle Clamp automatically adjusts to match your material with a simple squeeze of the handles. This handy clamp works with all kinds of materials, from thin 12.7mm plywood to thick 2x4 boards. 

Clamp Using the Pocket Hole
The steel pin on this clamp is shaped to fit snugly into a Kreg Pocket Hole, securely anchoring one workpiece against the other for easy assembly. Just drive a screw into an adjacent pocket hole while the Right Angle Clamp holds the piece steady for you.

Swivel Pad for Solid Clamping
The arm opposite the pin features a pad that swivels to fit tightly against your material, so you can count on solid clamping without a chance of the joint shifting.

Ultra-Wide Reach
Whether you are joining two thin drawer sides for a cabinet, or thicker materials to frame an outdoor project, the Right Angle Clamp opens wide to get the job done.

Use One Clamp, or Use Two
Many woodworkers find it handy to use two Right Angle Clamps when assembling large workpieces. Place a clamp on each end to hold the wood while you drive screws in the remaining pocket holes.


  • Holds pocket-hole joints at 90° during project assembly
  • Automaxx® technology adjusts automatically to material thickness
  • Contoured grips for added comfort
  • Pin fits securely into pocket hole
  • Swivel pad holds mating piece
  • 5" (127mm) reach


  • Clamping: Materials up to 79mm Thick
  • Reach: 5" (127mm)
  • Adjustment Knob: Provides Easy to Regulate Clamping Pressure
  • Handles: Ergonomic Padded Handles Prevent Fatigue
  • Clamp Body: Highly Durable All Metal Construction
  • Compatible with: Design reaches into Pocket Holes on the Inside or Outside of 90º Case Assemblies