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Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter KPCS

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The Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter allows you to conceal your pocket holes with a face-grain wooden plug cut from the same material—even the same boards—as your project. The result is a plug that blends seamlessly into the surface, allowing you to use pocket hole joinery in areas that would otherwise be clearly visible.

To use, you simply slip the Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter into a Kreg  K3, K4 or K5 Jig®, in place of the normal guide block.  You then install the supplied hollow-core Plug Cutting Bit into your drill and bore the holes as you would when drilling pocket holes. Once the plugs are drilled, you cut them free with a band saw or hand saw.

The Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter also accepts optional bits that cut plugs to fit the Kreg Micro-Pocket pocket holes,  or plugs to fit the larger HD plug size.

  • The bit tip shears wood fibres cleanly to create a smooth, consistent plug.
  • Fluting reduces heat and friction, for better plugs and longer bit life.
  • Open design ensures quick ejection of shavings and easy plug release.
  • Stop collar ensures perfect depth for producing accurately sized plugs.
  • Hardened-steel drill guides provide both accuracy and durability.


  • For Use With: Any Kreg K5, K4 or K3 Jig.
  • Construction: Made from durable, impact resistant glass reinforced Nylon.
  • Bit Compatibility: Works with Standard Plug Cutting Bit (Included).
  • Bit Compatibility: Works with HD Bit and Micro Bit (Sold separately).
  • Warranty: Hardened Steel Drill Guide features a Lifetime Warranty. 

Included in Your Box:

  • Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter
  • Custom Plug Cutting Bit for Standard Pocket-Hole Sizes
  • 1 each Bit Stop Collar
  • 1 each Hex Wrench
  • 1 each Owner's Manual