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Klingspor | Triangle Sanding Discs 120G PS 22 K 5Pc

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For handheld sanders with a triangular backing pad – the abrasive paper PS 22 K by Klingspor

The abrasive paper PS 22 K with a 6 hole pattern is triangular and comes with a hook and loop fastener. It is used predominantly on handheld sanders with triangular hook and loop backing pads and is available in a wide variety of grit sizes. This universal abrasive performs equally well during rough and finish sanding on

  • wood and
  • metal.

The abrasive grain: synthetic aluminium oxide with a semi-open coating

The abrasive paper PS 22 K by Klingspor comes with an aluminium oxide grain that produces a perfect finish. It is semi-open coated. This semi-open coating leaves enough spaces to provide for a quick discharge of dust and debris during sanding on wood and metal, thus keeping the surface of the abrasive paper from clogging during use. Tough and hard at the same time, aluminium oxide possesses a irregular crystalline structure. It is made synthetically, like all other abrasive grain types used by Klingspor. This allows the company to guarantee the consistent quality of their products.

The outer coats: a paper backing (E-paper) and a size coat made of synthetic resin

For the backing of the triangular abrasive paper PS 22 K Klingspor uses an E weight paper, which is medium weight paper. These paper backings are grouped into categories ranging from A for very light weight to G for very heavy weight papers. The abrasive grain is affixed on the backing with a synthetic resin base coat. In addition, the abrasive paper PS 22 K is equipped with a size coat made of synthetic resin. It anchors the abrasive grain firmly on the backing, thus providing a perfect finish. Meanwhile, the synthetic resin bond increases the service life of the product by supporting the abrasive grain against lateral forces. It is for this reason that all abrasives made by Klingspor are constructed with a top size coat of synthetic resin.


  • Bonding Agent: Resin
  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
  • Coating: Semi Open
  • Grit: 120G
  • Backing: E-paper
  • Hole Pattern: 6 Holes
  • Qty: 5Pk