Kleiberit 501.0 Polyurethane Adhesive 500ml

Kleiberit 501.0 Polyurethane Adhesive 500ml

  • R 129.90

Rapid Set

The handy bottle with the patented dispensing lid.  Self cleaning and easy to dispense precise adhesive application.

One component, polyurethane adhesive for very strong, gap-filling bonds with high temperature resistance and water resistance according to DIN/EN 204 stress group D4.


•  Base: polyurethane

• Temperature: +20 °C ideal, not below +5 °C

• Wood moisture: ideal for interior between 8-10% for exterior between 10-14%

• Coat weight: 100-200 g/m² Depending on the condition of the material

Open time: 25 minutes

Press time: 60 minutes at 20 °C

Curing time: 2 - 3 hours

• Final strength: after approx. 24 hours with sufficient moisture

Colour: yellowish-brown



•  Single-sided application using a spatula or hand roller to the surface which is least porous

• Assemble the two pieces to be bonded

• The product cures to a water-resistant, solvent- resistant and semi-rigid adhesive film when subjected to the influence of humidity (air, material). The cross-linking process can be accelerated by means of a targeted moisture supply (fine water spray, approximately 20 g/m²), or by higher temperatures (40°C up to max. 60°C).

• The cross-linking process should take place with a pressure that guarantees sufficient contact of the glued surfaces. In order to protect exposed surfaces from being contaminated with glue, apply e.g. a silicone paper to this area.

• The necessary pressure is dependent upon the type and size of materials. A good closed joint should be achieved. Minimum pressure for bonding laminated wood: 0.6 N/mm². The more intensive the cross linking of the adhesive under pressure, the higher the subsequent load ability.


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