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Kelton Industries, McNaughton, 1/2" Hollower,Tight Curve, Woodturning

R 799.00


Kelton Industries Hollowers are simple and effective tools that allow both rapid wood removal and fine finishing cuts. The Kelton Hollowers are the "go-to" tools for many turners when they turn a hollow form. The special alloy on the cutting tip results in an extremely effective and long lasting burr. The Hollowers allow you to work though a very small opening compared to to most other hollowing tools. If you turn hollow forms, especially ones with small openings, these are must-have tools.

For each length, there are three tools of different radii to cover a wide range of hollowing applications - straight, long curve and tight curve. The tools come unhandled. We recommend the Kelton ER Handles or the KH Handles which allow the user to extend only the required amount of tool needed from the handle.