Jessem Mitre-R-Slide

  • R 5,899.00
  • Save R 700

To provide stable support and smooth travel during cross-grain routing, this carriage glides along a sturdy 3/4" tube mounted between brackets secured to the fence extrusion.

Detents every 5° and at ±22.5° reliably index the protractor head within a 90° range, and a vernier scale permits fine adjustment to 1/10°.

Made from thick-walled extrusion to resist vibration, the fence has a phenolic sub-fence and a T-slot that accepts the head of a 1/2" bolt for mounting shopmade jigs.

The subfence can be interchanged with 3/4" MDF or ply to act as a backer for reduced tearout. A generous 1-1/2" in diameter, the knurled locking handle provides a secure grip.

When not in use, the carriage simply flips over the tube and behind the router table fence.

Made in Canada from polished steel and machined aluminum, this is a robust, precise and easy-to-set accessory.

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