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INCRA | Precision 0,5mm Lead Clutch Pencil "INCRA Rules"

by Incra
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INCRA Precision Clutch Pencil- When Accuracy Counts!
  • Bright Red so it is easy to find
  • Put HB lead in one, 2H and 4H in another two
  • Use with all INCRA Rulers, Protractors, Axis Rulers, Bend Rulers, & T Rulers
  • Takes standard over-the-counter 0.5mm lead
  • INCRA brings a whole new level to marking and measuring!  
  • At first glance they look just the same as any other steel ruler
  • Look a little closer… 
  • You will see the tiny holes and slits at each graduation, enabling you to make a dot with a pencil or mark a line with astounding accuracy
  • Drawing an accurate line with a conventional ruler is difficult when you are looking from the side, which usually also means inaccurate
  • INCRA rules solve the problem
  • The scale, being indented and etched in black, is easy to read
  • The surface is non-reflecting and enables even tired eyes in poor light to mark the exact start
  • Select the proper slot or hole, insert a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy
  • All of the INCRA rulers are only 0.25 mm thick and must, therefore, not be used for coarse work!
  • Taking the right amount of care with this tool, you will not only have pleasure in the finished piece of work, but also in doing your drawings 
  • Locate and mark the intersecting point of two perpendicular lines … all in one quick easy step
  • This 6 inch by 3 inch Rule with micro-fine marking holes at every 1/16" gives you 4,608 different exact positions instantly located with your sharp pencil or scribe with zero uncertainty and no eye strain!
  • It also features reference lines every 1/4 inch and double reference lines at each full inch