Homeright™ Spray Shelter, Large

  • R 1,199.90


The HOMERIGHT® Large Spray Shelter provides an enclosed spraying area that dramatically helps to reduce overspray and drift.

Even HVLP spray systems have some overspray and drift, which is simply airborne finish that didn’t make it to, or stick to the piece being painted.

The HOMERIGHT™ Large Spray Shelter comes in a storage/carry bag measuring 737mm x 110mm x 110mm.

Setup is easy. Just take it out of the bag, and slide in the fibreglass support poles – that’s it.

Fully open dimensions are approximately 1830mm x 2740mm x 1680mm.

There is no floor in the spray shelter, so we recommend using a drop cloth underneath to protect your garage/workshop floor or the grass is your back yard.

A really great feature of this shelter is that it has a mesh screen, which drops over the front opening to protect freshly painted projects.


• Durable fibreglass poles

• Portable lightweight spray shelter

• Includes five stakes to anchor shelter when used outside.


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