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Hollow Core Bit Set | 10 piece

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R 1,599.00

TCT hollow core bit set

Included in the set:

  • (x1) Ø35mm x 72mm hollow core bit
  • (x1) Ø50mm x 72mm hollow core bit
  • (x1) Ø65mm x 72mm hollow core bit
  • (x1) Ø80mm x 72mm hollow core bit
  • (x1) Ø100mm x 72mm hollow core bit
  • (x1) SDS Plus adaptor 100mm
  • (x1) SDS Plus adaptor 300mm
  • (x1) SDS Max adaptor 300mm
  • (x1) Pilot drill bit and bolt


The hollow core bits are designed to be used with rotary hammers. It is used for boring out holes from Ø35 - Ø100mm in brickwork oraerated concrete.


  • The core bit has tungsten carbide teeth and a hardened steel body for maximum durability.
  • Aluminium case included in the set for easy storage.

The core bits should always be used with the supplied pilot drill bit.