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Gardena | Tool and Wood Glove - Medium (Online Only)

R 399.00

For demanding work with tools and garden equipment

  • GARDENA has the right protective clothing for you for demanding work with gardening tools with the Tool and Wood Glove in size M
  • The palm of the glove is silicone-coated, which means tools and equipment sit safely and comfortably in the hand with no chance of slipping out
  • The padded palm of the hand makes it easier to grip tools
  • This significantly reduces shocks when chopping wood and carrying out other heavy duty tasks
  • It is equally important that a work glove fits well
  • The Tool and Wood Glove for medium-sized hands fulfils this requirement thanks to the practical closure on the wristband, along with flexible material on the cuff and back of the hand, which gives it a perfect fit
  • In addition, it is breathable due to the mesh material used and the micro fleece at the ball of the thumb with sweat absorption
  • If you want to use your smartphone during a break, you don't need to take off the glove
  • The tips of your thumb and index finger are suitable for operating a smart device thanks to the Mobile Touch function
  • All the textiles in the smartphone-enabled and perfectly fitting gloves are free of harmful substances, as confirmed by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification
  • 44% polyester, 32% nylon, 12% rubber, 6% polyurethane, 4% cotton, 2% elastane

Tool and Wood Glove M


The right glove for working with equipment

  • The palm of the tool glove is coated with silicone
  • This ensures that tools sit securely in the hand and prevents slipping


Extra padded comfort

  • The palm of the tool glove is padded
  • This not only helps you to grip firmly, but also reduces the impact of using gardening tools


Flexible material

  • The flexible material on the cuff and back of the hand gives the glove in size L a perfect fit
  • The mesh material on the back of the hand makes it particularly breathable
  • The Tool and Wood Glove is also available in sizes M and XL


With Mobile Touch

  • The clever Mobile Touch function on the tips of the thumb and index finger allows you to operate a smartphone or tablet without taking off the glove

With Oeko-Tex®

  • The glove has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which means that the textiles used are free of harmful substances
    Article No.: 11520-20
    EAN-Code: 4078500051811

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