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Gardena | Replacement Filament Cassette (Online Only)

by Gardena
R 179.90
SKU 5307-20

For Turbotrimmers 

  • For Turbotrimmer Art. No. 9805, 9806, 9807, 9808, 9809, 9827, 8846, 8847, 8848, 9870, 9872, 9874

Replacement Filament Cassette

  • Through the change of the filament cassette, maximum cutting comfort is achieved

Easy to exchange

  • The filament cassette can be easily exchanged
Article No: 5307-20 
EAN-Code: 4078500530705

ONLINE ONLY - This product is only available online and carries a delivery period of up to 10 days. We shall endeavour to deliver orders to you within the specified delivery period, but any such time frame shall be an estimate only. We cannot always guarantee availability and will inform you as soon as possible if any products are not available.