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Gardena | Pressure Sprayer 1,25 Litre (Online Only)

R 499.00

The handy Pressure Sprayer for balcony and terrace plants with clever additional opening

  • The Pressure Sprayer 1,25l from GARDENA is ideally suited for your balcony and patio plants' care
  • Many useful features ensure simple operation with a high degree of convenience, regardless of whether you want to spray your plants or provide additional protection with a home-made bug spray
  • For filling, measuring liquid and emptying the container, the second opening including measuring cap on the housing will be a great help and your hands will remain dry while using the sprayer
  • Before you start, build up pressure in the sprayer by using the ergonomically shaped D-handle, including end stop buffer
  • Afterwards you only need to press the button on the handle
  • The built-in 360° function means that liquid is always sucked in when spraying, regardless of the position it is held in
  • The high-quality brass nozzle is located at the head outlet of the spray bottle, which can not only be adjusted to different intensities (spray mist or spray jet), but can also be angled up to 90°
  • This allows a comfortable underleaf application without having to twist your wrist at an uncomfortable angle
  • In addition, a nylon filter (available in the GARDENA range) can be used to strain home-made mixtures  
  • In addition, the transparent viewing strip allows you to check the fill level in the 1,25 litre container at any time


Clever handling through additional opening

  • The second opening with measuring cap on the container enables a practical 3-in-1 function for easy filling, measuring and emptying
  • This eliminates the need to unscrew the pump head and keeps fingers dry


360° function

  • The 360° function ensures that no air is sucked in, regardless of the angle of the Pressure Sprayer
  • This ensures that a constant amount of liquid is always sucked in and released, so that a large area can be reached with every squeeze of the handle


Flexible brass nozzle

  • The robust brass nozzle is not only adjustable (thin jet and spray mist), but also particularly durable due to high-quality materials
  • In addition, it can be angled up to 90°, which allows for a comfortable underleaf application without having to bend the wrist


Practical equipment

  • A nylon filter (available in the GARDENA range) can be inserted as an accessory
  • It is used especially for straining home-made bug sprays
  • The appropriate recipes for organic and therefore sustainable brews are available to discover at

All in one glance

  • Reading the fill level is very easy due to the transparent viewing strip
  • So you know immediately how much liquid is still in the container


  • The safety valve releases pressure from the container when there is too much, thereby guaranteeing safety


  • Volume: 1,25l
  • Max. Permissible Operating Temp.: 40°C
  • Level Indicator: Yes
  • Large Filling Opening: Yes

Article No.: 11120-20
EAN-Code: 4078500051132

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