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Gardena | Micro-Drip Expansion Set (Online Only)

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R 373.90
SKU 13005-20

Extension for care-free and water-saving irrigation

  • The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Expansion Set Plant Pots represents the optimum supplement to the Micro-Drip Starter Sets Plant Pots M and Plant Pots M automatic
  • It contains the components required for the precise irrigation of a further 5 plant pots

Individually adjustable, water-saving drip irrigation

  • The water quantity per plant pot can be accurately and individually dosed using the Micro-Drip-System drip irrigation

Flexible and easy handling

  • Due to the patented “Quick & Easy” connection technology, the individual components in the set can be easily integrated into the existing irrigation system
  • The connection technology also guarantees a tight pipe connection

Water-saving irrigation

  • The water quantity per plant can be accurately dosed using the Micro-Drip-System drip irrigation
  • This results in individual, economical irrigation precisely aligned to requirements

Trustworthy product quality

  • GARDENA products made in Germany stand for quality, reliable performance and durability


  • Included Components: 5m Pipe Clip, 5 Reducing T-Joint, 5 Adjustable Endline Drip, 5 Pipe Pegs
  • Use: For extending (5 Flower Pots) Start Sets Flower Pots M and Flower Pots M automatic Art. No. 13001 and 13002
Article No: 13005-20
EAN-Code: 4078500018326

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