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Gardena | ClickUp! SkyBowl (Online Only)

R 279.00

ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system. For a garden that gives you flowers in the sky

  • Garden passion in every season can be found with the GARDENA ClickUp! SkyBowl
  • Lift your plants to the next level and let your flowers grow in the sky
  • Using the combination of the ClickUp! Handle and the SkyBowl, planting is the focal point of your garden and is an absolute eye-catcher
  • Planted herbs or strawberries can be easily picked from the bush without bending down
  • The height protects your small bed from unwanted pests such as snails or mice
  • The SkyBowl has a diameter of 25cm (just under 10 inches) and is therefore ideal for medium-sized plants
  • To attach the elegant SkyBowl to the stylish ClickUp! Handle, just click it on
  • Thanks to the One-Click connection, attaching and detaching the decorative elements is easy
  • What's more, the connection is extremely stable and remains wobble-free: your planting cannot slip or fall down
  • The ClickUp! SkyBowl is made of high-quality acrylic glass (PMMA material)
  • The material not only looks good, but is also extremely robust and weatherproof
  • This garden decoration can even stand cold days and is not damaged by frost
  • When watering, a water drain at the bottom of the bowl protects your plants from getting waterlogged
  • There is a drip edge below the bowl so that the ClickUp! Handle is not damaged by the run-off water, the draining water can drip directly onto the ground without running along the handle
  • Give your garden its own style in a simple way with the GARDENA ClickUp! SkyBowl
  • GARDENA gives a five-year warranty on the SkyBowl
  • The all-season lifestyle system for a garden that gives you flowers in the sky
  • Please Note: Item does not include the ClickUp! Handle. The handle can be purchased separately

An absolute eye-catcher

  • The ClickUp! SkyBowl can lift your flowers to the next level
  • On the high-quality larchwood ClickUp! Handle, your planting is elevated towards the sky, providing an attractive focal point in your garden

For medium sized plants

  • The planting bowl has a diameter of 25cm, offering medium sized plants enough space to show off their full bloom

High quality material

  • The ClickUp! SkyBowl is made of high-quality acrylic glass (PMMA material) and is particularly robust as well being UV and frost-proof

Flexible and sturdy

  • With the practical one-click mechanism, the ClickUp! SkyBowl can be easily attached to and detached from the basic handle
  • The One-Click fastening is extremely stable and wobble-free

Optimum plant care

  • A water drain protects the plants from over-watering
  • There is a drip edge at the bottom of the bowl
  • This prevents the wooden ClickUp! Handle from being damaged
Article No: 11320-20
EAN-Code: 4078500054553

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